Lowline Lab
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
James Ramsey, RAAD Studio; Landscape Architect: Signe Nielsen, Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, with John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

The Lowline is a community-based organization that seeks to preserve and build on the rich history, culture, and community of the Lower East Side. The mission of the Lowline is to reclaim the historic Williamsburg Trolley Terminal in the Lower East Side and convert it into the world's first underground park through the use of cutting-edge solar technology. Not only will the Lowline provide the neighborhood with desperately needed green space and offer a vital cultural resource for the city, it will set an international precedent for the adaptive use of abandoned underground spaces. However, the Lowline goes far beyond an architectural structure or tourist attraction. It is a unique opportunity to shape the future of the City through deep community engagement, education, and youth development.

The Lowline Lab, in essence, is a full-scale mock-up of the future Lowline park. Built in an abandoned former market building just a block away from the Lowline site, the Lowline Lab features a live solar collection system installed on the building's roof, a sunlight distribution mechanism, and a live green space inside the warehouse. The Lowline Lab is a living learning center, in which three areas of research will inspire and educate the public: (1) the viability of solar technology to deliver sunlight underground; (2) the viability of plant life to grow and thrive underground; and (3) the community-building potential of a four-season underground park.

Sat & Sun Tour Info: Tours will be offered on an ongoing basis throughout both days; visit between 1-3pm on Saturday for OpenDialogue talks with landscape architect Signe Nielsen.

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Image Credit: Kristine Paulus via Flickr