OHNY Weekend Passport

2015 OHNY Weekend Passports are sold out. 
What is the OHNY Weekend Passport?
The OHNY Passport is a unique VIP button that allows you and a guest front-of-the-line access to all sites and programs that do not require advance reservations. It's the best way to save time, see more, and maximize your OHNY experience!
Special for 2015: In addition to an advance copy of the 2015 OHNY Weekend Event Guide, all Passport holders also receive two complimentary tickets to a film screening at this year's Architecture & Design Film Festival, which coincides with OHNY Weekend on October 17-18. The Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF), is the nation’s largest film festival of its kind, presenting a curated selection of films, events, and panel discussions to entertain, engage, and educate people about architecture and design. From October 13-18 the festival will host more then 30 films from around the world, showcasing and celebrating some of the most exciting projects old and new.
When can I use the OHNY Passport?
The OHNY Passport is valid for the entire OHNY Weekend. It can be used at any non-reservation sites and programs during scheduled open times.
How much is the OHNY Passport?
Each OHNY Passport costs $150, 100% of which is tax-deductible.
How can I purchase an OHNY Passport?
2015 OHNY Weekend Passports are sold out.
After I purchase a Passport, how will I receive it?
2015 OHNY Weekend Passports will be mailed in the last week of September with an advance copy of the OHNY Weekend Event Guide to the address specifed in the order form. OHNY Passports cannot be mailed to international addresses, but they can be picked upon your arrival to New York at our offices in the Flatiron District during office hours. 
Still have a question about OHNY Passports?
If you have additional questions, please email Elis Shin at elis@ohny.org.