Open Your Doors and Participate in the Annual OHNY Weekend
Be part of America’s largest architecture and design event, the Annual OHNY Weekend. Join the hundreds of dynamic places and spaces throughout New York City for one weekend in October, which benefit from new and increased audience exposure and builds greater awareness of their contribution to the city’s architecture and design.
Benefits for private sector companies and organizations:

  • highlighting the unique architectural and historic features of your building/space
  • enhancing community relation efforts
  • boosting pride among staff and providing employees with OHNY volunteer opportunities

Benefits for non-profit organizations:

  • increasing new audience awareness of your mission, programming and site
  • greater exposure to individuals who are exploring new neighborhoods or experiencing your organization for the first time
  • highlighting your organizations historical, cultural and artistic contributions to NYC

OHNY Weekend Site participants must have a building or space that:

  • has architectural/design/historical NYC merit
  • is open to visitors for the majority of the Annual OHNY Weekend
  • adheres to additional OHNY Weekend requirements and responsibilities

For more information, contact