Art Deco in the Financial District
9:30 am
11:30 am

Take a walking tour of Art Deco wonders in Manhattan's financial district, led by Anthony W. Robins, Vice-President of the Art Deco Society of New York and author of "New York Art Deco: A Guide to Gotham's Jazz Age Architecture" (SUNY Press, June 2017). Visitors approaching New York City across the harbor can still find themselves mesmerized by the fairytale skyline of Downtown Manhattan. That view has changed over the decades, but a careful observer can still pick out the romantic spires of an earlier age that made the skyline the symbol of New York, the world's first modern metropolis. And of those spires, the most romantic of all are the great Art Deco towers.

On this tour we will see more than a dozen major skyscrapers and midrange office buildings rising from Manhattan's bedrock. Unrivaled skyscraper designs include Ralph Walker's Gothic Modern fantasy of the Irving Trust tower and the Art Deco-encrusted Cities Service headquarters. A new insurance district on John Street created opportunities for architects better represented in other parts of town: Ely Jacques Kahn, better known in the Garment Center; Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, architects of the Empire State Building; and Louis Allen Abramson, designer of automats, hospitals, and synagogues. Tucked in and around the sides of the financial district, smaller but equally stylish Deco survivors include a pair of buildings on West Street by Starrett & Van Vleck.

Sunday Tour Info: Tours will last approximately 1.5 hrs.

Access Notes: This is a fast-paced tour, please be sure you'll be able to keep up with the group.


Reservations for this tour are now sold out. Interested in exploring Lower Manhattan's Art Deco treasures? You may also enjoy the AT&T Long Distance Building Lobby, home to some of artist Hildreth Meière's most striking Deco mosaic murals, which requires no reservations! Click on the site’s name to check out its Open Access listing.


Image credit: Lisa DeLange via Flickr