Brooklyn Bridge Park
11:00 am
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, 2008-Present (Ongoing)

Sustainability is central to the ethos of Brooklyn Bridge Park. BBP reuses existing site elements in its construction, such as concrete walls, light poles and pier shed frames. In addition, a variety of salvaged materials have been used to create unique and striking park amenities. Picnic tables, benches and architectural cladding are constructed from reclaimed Longleaf Yellow Pine, while granite salvaged from various NYC bridge reconstruction projects is used throughout the Park. In addition to reducing the amount of landfill waste, use of these salvaged materials helps us to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the need to transport heavy materials from long distances. On this tour, learn how we repurpose, reuse and recycle materials to craft new features throughout the Park.

Saturday Tour Info: This tour, led by Pat Kirshner, VP, Capital Planning and Construction for Brooklyn Bridge Park, will last approximately 1 hr 15 min.

Since the first OHNY Weekend in 2003, this site is one of almost 50 have participated for 10 or more years. When you visit, please thank them for championing an open city! To see a full list of 15th Anniversary sites, click here.


Reservations for this tour are now sold out. Interested in exploring industrial waterfront sites reimagined as public green space? You may also enjoy Socrates Sculpture Park, which requires no reservations! Click on the site’s name to check out its Open Access listing.


Image credit: Etienne Frossard