CUNY Bronx Community College: Meister Hall, Carl Polowczyck Hall, Begrisch Hall and Colston Hall
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Marcel Breuer with Hamilton Smith and Robert F. Gatje, 1967

In 1956 Marcel Breuer was asked to develop a comprehensive design for replanning the NYU campus at this site. From 1959-1970, five buildings were built based on the design and planning of Breuer and his associates Hamilton Smith and Robert F. Gatje. Including Silver Hall (currently known as Colston Hall), Tech I (currently known as Polowczyk Hall, Tech II (Meister Hall) and Begrisch Hall which is a New York City landmark. Begrisch Hall, executed in exposed reinforced concrete, features a pair of sloping cantilevers that spring from side-wall trusses and appear to defy gravity. These bold sculptural forms reflect specific programmatic requirements, enclosing a pair of steep-floored lecture halls, seating a combined two hundred- and-fifty students. These elevated rooms are reached by a staircase that rises from ground level and by an enclosed concrete bridge connected to—an adjoining building.

Sunday Tour Info: Tours with Robin Auchincloss, BCC’s Director of Campus Planning, will be offered at 2 and 3pm.


Image Credit: Joe David / CC BY-SA 4.0