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Büro Koray Duman, 2014

Situated on the corner of 57th Street and 3rd Avenue, the new Design Within Reach studio occupies three floors, it's the largest studio in New York and among the largest of all. The studio has a small footprint at the ground level and the entire basement, second, and third floors of the building. To create a powerful impact, the design places a floating red box, 'The Apartment', above the entrance, providing a 24' ceiling height at the ground floor. The floating box creates a strong brand identity on the street level as well as accommodates a duplex apartment. The idea behind the duplex apartment facing the 2nd and 3rd floor is to play with the voyeuristic experience one has living in New York City. In a dense city like New York, we always end up looking into others' apartments. The studio design is based on the brand concept created by the architects for DWR, including the Dining Test Lab with 50 iconic dining chairs, 25 full-room vignettes, the Lighting Cloud and Design Library Swatch Wall of 500 upholstery tiles.

Saturday Tour Info: OpenDialogue tours with Büro Koray Duman will last approximately 40 min.
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Image credit: Büro Koray Duman