Frick Art Reference Library
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John Russell Pope, 1934

John Russell Pope (1873-1937), noted for designing the West Building of the National Gallery of Art, was hired in 1931 to convert the Henry Clay Frick mansion (1912-1914) into a public museum and design the adjacent Frick Art Reference Library (1934-1935). The library building, with its French revival exterior, displayed innovative features for its day - air-conditioned stacks, dumb-waiters to move books between floors in conjunction with a Telautograph system. The Italianate reading room is very much as it was in 1934, incorporating a fresco by Nicholas Lochoff after Pietro Lorenzetti, along with other works of art. Weather permitting visitors will be taken up to the penthouse terrace which has magnificent views of Central Park.

Saturday & Sunday Tour Info: Tours will last approximately 40 min.


Reservations for this tour are now sold out. Interested in exploring historic libraries with impressive reading rooms? You may also enjoy the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in the City of New York, which requires no reservations! Click on the site’s name to check out its Open Access listing.


Image Credit: Michael Bodycomb