Greenwich House Pottery
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Delano and Aldrich, 1928

Greenwich House Pottery (GHP) began as part of the manual training program of Greenwich House, offering classes in clay modeling as early as 1904. Soon amateur clubs geared toward adults were offered and served as an alternative source of income. GHP is the last existing program of the Handicraft School supported by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. GHP is a school teaching and supporting artists and promoting ceramics. We offer a diverse program of classes for adults and children—solo, group and juried exhibitions, artist in residence program, lecture series, workshops, and community outreach—all serving newcomers, amateurs, and professional artists alike.

For decades the Pottery was known as a production facility making pots for the garden and table, filling orders for such illustrious members of society as JP Morgan and the Harkness Estate. Production ceased in the 1940s and the focus shifted exclusively to education. Today, GHP is dedicated to expanding the diversity and complexity of ceramics and fostering the development of artists. GHP's unique history encompasses the evolution of American Ceramics. GHP raises awareness of the importance of creative engagement with art. Like so many nonprofit arts organizations, GHP plays a vital role in community building and providing access to the arts. Centers like GHP have become rare but are gaining in popularity as society rediscovers the amazement in creating art by engaging physically with materials.

Saturday Tour Info: Director Adam Welch will lead tours through the entire building at 2 and 4pm; space is limited, and tours will be first-come, first-served. (1 hr )
Access Notes: No elevator or wheelchair access.


Image credit: Adam Welch