NYC DOT Traffic Management Center
10:00 am
12:00 pm

NYC DOT Traffic Operations regulates traffic flow and parking for the safety of all street users. The division operates and maintains 315,000 street lights, 80,000 pedestrian signals, 13,500 parking meters, 12,600 traffic signals, over 50 speed cameras, and 42 municipal parking facilities. New York City is the first city in the world to manage over 10,000 signalized intersections from one traffic management center, located in Long Island City. NYC DOT manages over 12,800 signalized intersections from one integrated system, hosted at the Traffic Management Center.

Saturday Tour Info: Tours will last approximately 1 hr.


Reservations for this tour are now sold out. Interested in exploring sites where you can see all of New York City at once? You may also enjoy the iconic Panorama, a 9,335-sf scale model of the five boroughs at the Queens Museum, which requires no reservations! Click on the site’s name to check out its Open Access listing.


Image Credit: NYC DOT