Wyckoff House Museum
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Unkown, 1652; Renovation Oppenheimer, Brady & Vogelstein, 1982.

Built between 1652 and 1819 by successive descendants, the Wyckoff House was home to eight generations of one family, who farmed the land until 1901. In addition to learning about the architecture of the main house, visitors will be able to explore the attic and root cellars which are not normally opened during the rest of the year.

This site is part of the Historic House Trust of NYC, a non-profit organization operating in tandem with the NYC Parks Department that provides essential support for 23 houses of architectural and cultural significance, spanning 350+ years of New York City life.

Access Notes: Please be aware that there are cats on site, and an outdoor restroom only.

Since the first OHNY Weekend in 2003, this site is one of 10 that have participated every year. When you visit, please thank them for championing an open city! To see a full list of 15th Anniversary sites, click here.


Image Credit: Wyckoff House Museum