What is Open House New York Weekend?
Open House New York Weekend is a citywide celebration of architecture, urban design, and New York City. Every October, more than 250 buildings and projects across New York’s five boroughs - from infrastructure facilities to cultural spaces and from workspaces to private residences - open their doors to the public for tours and talks with architects, urban designers, historians, preservationists, and city leaders.

When is Open House New York Weekend?
Open House New York Weekend is an annual festival that takes place every October. The 16th Annual Open House New York Weekend will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 12, 13 and 14, 2018.

Three Days?
Yes! OHNY Weekend is now three days. On Friday, October 12, Open House New York is partnering with Made in NYC to open more than a dozen factories, giving you a glimpse of how New York City's makers produce everything from silk flowers to structural steel to distilled spirits.

Who organizes Open House New York Weekend?
OHNY Weekend is organized by Open House New York, a nonprofit organization that advocates for an open and inclusive city. In addition to OHNY Weekend, Open House New York organizes a wide range of programs - including yearlong thematic series about different urban systems such as manufacturing, food, and waste, boat tours of New York’s waterways, presentations by architects and developers about new large scale projects in the early stages of design and development, scavenger hunts, and more - that provide broad audiences with unparalleled access to the extraordinary architecture of New York and to the people who help design, build, and preserve the city. Visit our Upcoming Programs page to view a list of programs on our calendar. 

What kinds of sites are open to visit during OHNY Weekend and where are they located?
OHNY Weekend is a citywide event with more than 250 sites in all five boroughs across a wide variety of building types from historic farmhouses built in the city’s earliest days, to Art Deco theaters that capture the exuberance of the Jazz Age boom, to new buildings at the cutting edge of design and technology. Hundreds of sites are open to visit each year, with tours, talks, and other performances.

Where can I see the list of all participating sites?
The 2018 OHNY Weekend lineup will be announced on September 18 and will be available online on our website under Plan Your Weekend. Printed event guides with all Open Access listings will also be available at Porcelanosa in the Flatiron District, and at select distribution sites. 

I am an Open House New York member. Do I receive special OHNY Weekend benefits?
Open House New York members receive an advance copy of the OHNY Weekend Event Guide, allowing them to start planning their OHNY Weekend experience before the general public. Members are also invited to a popular members-only happy hour on Saturday, October 13. To learn more about membership levels and benefits, click here.

Are there volunteer opportunities during OHNY Weekend? What do they involve?
Yes! Open House New York Weekend would not be possible without our dedicated corps of more than 1,000 volunteers. To learn more about volunteer commitments and benefits, click here.



How should I plan my Open House New York Weekend?
The full list of participating sites will be revealed on September 18 and will be available online on our website and as a printed event guide. While some visitors plan their Weekend around specific sites and crisscross the five boroughs with a checklist, others plan their weekends around one or more specific neighborhoods and spend their Weekend exploring all the sites in one area. The majority of sites during OHNY Weekend are Open Access and can be visited during open hours free of charge and without reservations. Some sites are Advance Reservations and require reservations due to space and security reasons.

Is OHNY Weekend accessible to visitors with disabilities?
Yes. All visitors are welcome at OHNY Weekend and most sites are wheelchair accessible. Online on our website under Plan Your Weekend, you can search for wheelchair accessible sites using our filters. Wheelchair accessibility is also indicated in each site listing in the description and/or with an accessibility icon.

Is photography allowed at OHNY Weekend sites?
Most sites allow photography, but some sites prohibit it in certain areas or all together. Individual site listings will indicate in the description if photography is prohibited, but we encourage visitors to ask onsite staff and volunteers before taking photos.

Are all OHNY Weekend sites family friendly?
Most sites welcome families with children and a number of sites across the five boroughs provide special family friendly architectural programming including tours, crafts, and other activities. However, some sites are only open to adults due to safety reasons. Online on our website under Plan Your Weekend, you can search for family friendly sites using our filters. To make sure that a site is family friendly, be sure to check the site listing on our website before heading out.



Are reservations required to participate?
No, the majority of the sites that open their doors during OHNY Weekend are Open Access and can be visited free of charge and without reservations. Some sites are Advance Reservations and tickets must be booked in advance.

Why do some sites require reservations?
Some sites require us to limit the number of people attending most often because of size limitations for the site or for security reasons.

When and where do I make reservations?
Reservations will begin on September 25. Each site has its own reservation page and on Reservation Day, and visitors can access the full list of reservation pages on our website, blog, and Facebook page. View our 2017 Reservation Day Tips page for more information about reservation day.

How much are reservations?
Reservations are $5 per person per tour. The $5 fee is to prevent visitors from registering for tours that they do not attend. With the $5 fee, no-shows for tours have significantly decreased.

Can I make reservations over the phone?
No, all reservations must be completed online. Due to the size of the audience and the number of reservations, OHNY does not have the capacity to process reservations over the phone.

Can I reserve for more than one tour?
Yes, you can reserve for as many tours as you’d like, but you will be required to register for each tour individually. You may reserve up two tickets per tour in one transaction. Note that the demand for reservations is immense, and spots are limited.

Do you take group reservations?
No. Large numbers of tickets cannot be booked at once for a single tour. If you are planning on participating in OHNY Weekend with a group, we recommend that you visit our Open Access sites, which can be visited free of charge and without reservations during open hours.

Is it easy to make reservations?
It depends on your luck! In 2017, more than 12,000 reservation slots went live on Reservation Day, and 10,000 were booked within the first hour. With such a high demand, tours can get booked up in seconds. What Beyonce is to concerts or Hamilton is to Broadway musicals, OHNY Weekend is to buildings, and Reservation Day generates a range of emotions that run from exhilaration to frustration. But don't get discouraged. The majority of OHNY Weekend sites don't require any reservations! 


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